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Clinical Faculty Academy

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The Clinical Faculty Academy is a training program for registered nurses serving or wish to serve in the role of adjunct clinical faculty. Through this program we develop qualified staff nurses for the role of clinical nurse educators in order to increase faculty workforce and expand and sustain enrollments in schools of nursing.

As a nurse educator you will train the next generation of nurses. Through the academy you will gain the knowledge and skills essential for success in the adjunct clinical faculty role, join a support network for clinical educators and build stronger connections between clinical practice sites and academic environments.


The following topics are covered in the Clinical Faculty Academy:

  • Legal issues related to the education of students in a clinical setting
  • Challenge of multiple roles as staff, adjunct clinical faculty, and other professional and/or life roles
  • Learning experiences that engage students in developing clinical expertise
  • Approaches to clinical pre/post conferences
  • Best practices of clinical teaching into clinical adjunct role
  • Curriculum development and program planning
  • Process and tools of clinical evaluation for students at various levels in the curriculum
  • Dealing with the difficult students in the clinical setting