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Mutual Aid Plan

Mutual AidHigher Education institutions recognize that natural or man-made occurrences may result in emergencies that exceed the resources, equipment and personnel of their institutions. With lives and property of paramount importance during an emergency, an institution “in need” may find that it requires additional resources to restore campus operations. That’s why, in 2010, SMHEC created a unique pact ensuring cooperation between its institutions during a campus crisis. The Mutual Aid Plan, a continuity response, is designed to help a member institution maintain operations. As part of the plan, an institution may request facilities, classroom space, equipment, or personnel in a variety of disciplines including police, IT staff, counselors, human resources, foodservice, and crisis communicators for a limited timeframe.


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Local and county law enforcement, fire and emergency management group are the first responders in a crisis. Municipalities, serving as the model for this plan, have a long history of inter-governmental agreements for sharing resources on a quid pro quo basis. Like the municipalities, all services performed under this plan are rendered without reimbursement. This Plan is instrumental in helping campuses meet the Illinois Campus Security Act requirement for a National Incident Management All Hazards Emergency Plan.

The SMHEC Mutual Aid Plan is believed to be the first of its kind nationally for higher education.

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