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South Metropolitan Higher Education Consortium

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Complete College America Workshop

On November 1, 2013 SMHEC members participated in a Complete College America (CCA) Institute on Guided Pathways to Success (GPS). Mike Baumgartner, CCA vice president, finance and special projects, and Larry Abele, Provost Emeritus and Director, Institute for Academic Leadership at Florida State University led the training at Governors State University. Presidents John Avendano of Kankakee Community College and Elaine Maimon of Governors State University welcomed the group.

The GPS components, including meta-majors, academic maps with milestone courses, full-time enrollment at 15 hours, intrusive, on-time advising, use of early warning systems, were viewed as complementary structures and strategy components to work SMHEC is doing with reverse transfer.

Institution sent teams of CAOs, VP/Dean Student Services, Advisors, Transfer Coordinators, Registrar, Faculty/Department Heads, Marketing Directors, and Institutional Researchers who brainstormed ways to implement the Guided Pathways to Success strategies.

Follow-up on this event will be through the Chief Academic Officers and a newly formed committee of the Chief Student Services Officers.

Links to presentation by Mike Baumgartner and Larry Abele.


Complete College America meeting